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Trouble with repayments in commbank mortgages



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If you are experiencing trouble with repayments on your CommBank mortgage, the first step is to contact the bank as soon as possible. CommBank has a financial hardship program designed to assist customers who are struggling to make their mortgage payments due to unforeseen circumstances, such as job loss, illness, or other financial difficulties.

Through the financial hardship program, CommBank may be able to provide temporary or ongoing assistance, such as a repayment holiday, reduced payments, or a loan restructure, to help you manage your mortgage repayments and get back on track.

To apply for financial hardship assistance with CommBank, you’ll typically need to provide information about your financial situation, such as your income, expenses, and debts, as well as documentation to support your application, such as medical certificates or proof of job loss.

It’s important to contact CommBank as soon as possible if you are experiencing difficulty making your mortgage payments, as early intervention can help to prevent the situation from escalating and potentially leading to default or foreclosure.

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