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The BFG Impact

The future of finance is here, and it's more than just about making money.

Benevolence Financial Group is founded to be a breath of fresh air, born in an industry where distrust is prevalent. As Australia’s first purpose-driven mortgage brokerage, we’re using ethical and sustainable finance to be a force for good.

Home loans done differently

Housing typically represents a family’s single largest expenditure and its major source of wealth. Let’s help you achieve the milestone of homeownership while helping others have their own – at no extra cost to you.

Part of BFG’s profits is invested for Impact. Instead of donations, we call it investments because we see it as an investment for a just and sustainable future. Each investment is made under the names of our customers, and our customers are eligible to receive tax deductions as we have strict guidelines on who we partner with.

Mortgage For Good

We’ve started planting the seeds, but we still have a long way to go.




Homes built


Customers changing lives

Our Impact Partners

Mission Alignment

Our impact partner’s purpose and mission align with BFG and provide sufficient evidence to prove their organisation is serving families and communities affected by circumstances outside their control.

Sustainable At The Core

We believe philanthropy is a short-term solution, at best. That is why we aim for a hands-up approach, not a handout. Our partners aim for sustainable impact by having clear, resourced, and well-planned strategies and solutions.


As a result of our partner’s solution, the impact must be measurable and provide positive change. Our partners play a pivotal role in achieving positive change. Our partners have clear, defined success metrics and measurable outcomes. They have robust systems and processes of collecting and analysing data to know whether impact has occurred.

We couldn't do it without you

Your trust means the world to us. Thank you to our beloved network who’s working with BFG to make our goal a reality – clients, companies, businesses, industry professionals, and of course, you.

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The future of finance is here, join us in our mission with a team that makes a meaningful difference for your financial position, the people you care about, and the planet.


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