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Benevolence Financial Group exists to challenge the current framework of the finance sector. The status quo of the finance industry has been strongly focused on profit maximisation. While we understand that this leads to an economic benefit for businesses, we have recognised that this comes at the cost of huge problems in income equality and climate change. At BFG, we use your biggest financial purchase to redistribute wealth and support other families without a home. We call this home for a home – help ensure you receive the best deal on your mortgage whilst financially supporting other families to build a home.

A mortgage broker is a qualified professional who can compare different loan products from a wide range of lenders to try and secure a product which is best suited to your individual personal and financial circumstances. They can guide you through the application process and talk to banks on your behalf to try and secure the best loan for you.

There are many reasons why a mortgage broker may be more beneficial to you than going directly through a bank. As a client of a mortgage broker,

Benefits that come with using a mortgage broker include:

  • Mortgage brokers have access to usually 30+ banks and so have different rates and products that those banks provide. So this will make sure you get the best deal now and ongoing
  • Mortgage brokers will provide you with advice and guidance to choose the right structure, product and bank that will meet your requirements. Banks have different policies so they will find the right one that will approve your loan and help you maximising your loan amount (if that is your requirement)
  • Services are free of charge and they are independent – working for you, not for the banks
  • Mortgage brokers conduct annual reviews to make sure that your loan is still competitive

At Benevolence Financial Group, we do not charge any fees whatsoever to our customers.

We are paid commission by the lenders.

If you are thinking about securing a loan or refinancing, enquire online and speak to one of our experienced brokers today or schedule a consultation for a later date.

Our brokers are ex-bankers who worked with the big banks and have extensive experience. Instead of attaining just the required Certificate IV to operate; they have a minimum of a Diploma in Financial Services.

We know the importance of every decision you make along the way. We embed careful decision making in partnership with your accountant and financial planner to ensure you have the best structure in place.

We have proven that our model works. As a social enterprise mortgage broker, the home loans funded help people like you meet their home buying needs while transforming lives.

This could range from ending homelessness in our streets to world hunger. We are the bridge that makes it possible for you to solve big world problems simply and effectively.

Benevolence Group Australia Pty Ltd trading as Benevolence Financial Group (ABN 52634 787 312) is a Credit Representative Number 490057 authorized under Australian Credit License Number 390261, Finance Brokers Association of Australia Limited Member Number: M-345414, and registered with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited. For Privacy Policy and Feedback, please contact us at Info@bfg.org.au

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