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5 Tips to Increase Your Property’s Value



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Generally, our homes are our most precious assets, both in terms of monetary investment and personal living. Whether you’re upgrading your own living space or selling an investment, increasing the value of your property is achievable for every single homeowner. Here’s a range of quick and easy ways without needing an extensive or costly renovation. You can get started right now!

  • New paint job
  • Upgrade kitchen and bathroom
  • Energy efficiency
  • Increase storage space and deep clean
  • Improve outdoor area

1. Give a fresh coat of paint

A new coat of paint is the simplest and most cost-effective approach to improve your home’s appearance and value. It’s a good idea to talk to a designer before starting and avoid using overly bold shades. Besides, you should also inspect the exterior for visible signs of damage and fill in any gaps with fresh concrete or mortar. 

2. Kitchen upgrades and bathroom repairs

The kitchen is one of the most significant communal areas of our homes. A fully functional kitchen often receives high priority, including good taps, cupboards and bench-tops. As with kitsch upgrades, it’s feasible to renovate the bathroom space with a brand new shower, toilet, tubs, etc. Other small changes like cleaning out your exhaust fan, removing sink chips, replacing tile grout can also work wonders. 

3. Ensure energy efficiency

In the long run, choosing light bulbs and appliances with higher energy efficiency can save on energy costs after installation. For example, gas appliances are the most popular home feature. Gas heaters could provide warmth and comfort without causing environmental harm. Gas cooktops could deliver instant heat while emitting fewer greenhouse gases than electric cooktops. 

Your home’s energy efficiency could also be improved by installing new doors or windows. Homes with environmentally friendly technology, such as solar panels or skylights, usually sell for more than those without.

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4. Increase storage space and do a full deep clean

Zero storage space is going to be a massive shortfall for potential buyers. Many modern furniture accessories are designed to maximise all available space, for example, large drawers or crates that fit below beds. Open shelves in the kitchen and laundry, simple little additions like velcro or tape can all keep items in the order. Additionally, hiring a professional cleaner who can properly clean and alter your home in a couple of hours might be helpful.

5. Improve the outdoor area

Outdoor space perfect for relaxing and entertaining will add to the appeal of your house. It encourages buyers to envision themselves spending time outside during the pleasant seasons of the year. Proper maintenance like mowing your lawn, trimming any overgrown hedges as well as investing in new shrubs, trees or colourful florals will help transform your yard. 

How to Get Started

While the list may seem daunting, if you tackle one task at a time and engage the support of a professional, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your objectives. It’s also helpful to seek expert advice before starting unnecessary tasks. 

Given the competition in your local market, a professional broker will know what will raise the value of your home and which of these tasks should be prioritised. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us

Disclaimer: The information provided is general in nature and does not constitute financial advice. Please speak to us for recommendations on your individual circumstances and requirements.

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