Benevolence Financial Group (BFG) is now Open Home Loan. Start home loan rate tracking and let Open automatically shop around for you – over your loan duration. When your ideal rate is reached, we’ll ask your bank to match it. Choose to stay or switch in minutes. No effect on credit score. Start for free.

Workplace Partner

Say hello to an employee benefits program you’ll love

Expand staff perks through exclusive financial benefits to set your organisation apart in this competitive market

AON 2022 report

62.5% of companies said they believe employee financial wellbeing is the employer’s responsibility, and the vast majority (98%) stated it’s an area where they’d like to improve engagement

Providing a package rather than just a salary

Offering comes at no cost. Extendable to employees’ family and friends.

Get a $400 discount package waiver

Save money and get access to mortgage calculators, property reports, unlimited expert advice, and one-on-one consultations.

Get the best rate

We work with 35+ banks including non-bank lenders to get you the best rate and get your loans settled with ease and speed. Did we mention we have a 97% approval rate?


$100+ discount on other services

Taxes? Money management or investment advice? Retirement planning? Buying or selling a house? Get a $200 discount on BFG-affiliated industry professionals

Access educational sessions

We provide holistic well-being & financial support covering topics around mortgage, investing, money, finance, tax, and banking – vetted by experts.

Get rewarded for getting the best outcome

We make sure your home loan works for you, the planet, and the community so you can get the best while also doing good. Part of our profits is invested to our Impact Partners – at no extra cost to you.

More than a partner - it’s a mission, and we’re in it together

Access to financial well-being initiatives is continuously overlooked even if data shows there is a clear need for support in this area. Here are the companies that trust BFG.

Strengthen employee experience with an award-winning mortgage brokerage.

Employers are now uniquely positioned to deliver financial well-being support for their employees. Together, we’ll help you attract and retain talent through an exclusive program that provides seamless access to financial well-being initiatives.

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We’re all about making clients feel like they’ve gone through something special – because they did. That includes providing service at the highest level because remember: a great broker you’re partnered with is a reflection and extension of your own standard of service as an industry professional. Be a part of this win-win collaboration by partnering with us!

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