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Buying Your Next Home? Let us Make it Easier for You

When it comes to real estate, it’s one thing to buy a home to live in, and quite another to purchase an investment property. Whether your objective is capital growth, rental yield, a more positive cash flow strategy or all of the above; investment home loans aren’t structured the same as first home buyer loans or owner-occupied loans.

If you’re at the point where you are ready to invest, it’s crucial that you choose a loan type which will best cater for your specific goals and circumstances. At BFG Loans, our knowledgeable brokers (all of whom are ex-bankers) will help you navigate the various options, with features like:

  • Line of credit access (for increased flexibility and access to additional funds when needed)
  • Interest-only loans (to lighten the burden in the early stages of your investment)
  • Offset accounts (to minimise the amount of interest paid)
  • Loan structure and cross security collateralization to help you maximise your negative yield for taxation purposes
  • Interest in advance

In order to give you the best possible outcome, we’ll work closely alongside you and your accountant or financial advisor to secure the ideal home investment loan based on factors like why you’re choosing to invest, what you’re looking to achieve, what your budget is, how this investment will impact your lifestyle and so on.

Help accommodate families in need, just by buying your second property with BFG Loans

As an award-winning ethical mortgage brokerage firm, Benevolence Financial Group is committed to helping our clients and the community at the same time. This is why we invest 50% of the profits made from each home loan to build affordable housing for families in need.

We call it a home for a home, because your decision to invest in a second property also creates a home for a family like yours – at absolutely no cost to you.

How do our investment home loan services work?

It all starts with a complimentary one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced  and knowledgeable mortgage brokers, so that we can get a clear understanding of your personal situation and your goals.

At BFG Loans, we want to see your property investment thrive. By working in close collaboration with your trusted adviser to compare the market, we’re able to secure the perfect loan option for you.

We adopt the same tried-and-tested process for helping people find suitable first home buyer home loans, owner-occupied loans, refinancing solutions and more.

Ready to buy your next home? Let’s get started together

Our team is ready when you are. To get the ball rolling on your tailored investment home loan, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to arrange a consultation at a date and time that suits you.

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