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Everything you need to know about ethical investing



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So, you might’ve heard the term ‘ethical investing’ in the finance industry but aren’t sure what it means? Well you’re in the right place. BFG itself is an ethical mortgage broker specialising in home loans, so we are in a unique position to break down everything ethical finance.    

In this article we will cover the following: 

  • What is ethical investing 
  • BFG and our ethical partners 
  • And how you can make the most of it 

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What is ethical investing? 

Ethical investing is the practice of investing in companies or organisations who: 

  • Align with investor ethics. 
  • Generate or already possess positive social impacts. 

In addition to this, ethical finance seeks to generate a financial return for the investor, as a mutually beneficial bonus to all involved.   

Traditionally, customers determine which organisations they want to invest with via positive and negative screening. Positive screening includes companies whose ethics match the investor’s, while negative screening is the opposite. However, they can be used together.

In the finance industry, investments to these ethically responsible entities are typically given back to sustainable causes, such as reducing fossil fuel pollution.  

These values are integral to BFG’s nature as an ethical broker, and who we select as our lending partners.  

BFG and our partners 

As an ethical mortgage broker, BFG rigorously screens our lending partners based on various altruistic criteria, examining:

  • How many people are affected and the impact’s extent- varying from the environment, community, staff and customers
  • The issue’s crowdedness
  • How easy progress is

Similarly, we screen our charity partners carefully to ensure they are effective and follow the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development. Their mission must align with ours and provide evidence that their organisation aids families and their communities in situations they cannot control.   

Among our current partner charities, their purposes range from ending Australian homelessness, protecting children from abuse and neglect, and ending world hunger. 

Curious to know more about our partner charities and what they do? Click here to read more! 

How you can make the most of ethical investing 

With the rise of ethical finance, there has never been a better time to use an ethical mortgage broker while refinancing or for your home loan. While we compare and negotiate loans from 30 lenders to find your best deal, we also give back- having raised $50,000 and helped construct 20 new Australian homes.   

Want to know your social impact with BFG today? Click here and find out (scroll to the bottom).

With each home loan made, we invest up to half the profits into our partners to keep making tangible impacts within Australia and overseas. Each investment is made in the name of our clients and in turn, they can make a tax-deductible and real difference. 

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Disclaimer: The information provided is general in nature and does not constitute financial advice. Please speak to us for recommendations on your individual circumstances and requirements.

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