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Improve financial wellbeing through your Employee Benefits

Financial wellbeing benefits allow your company to show a supportive wellbeing culture, one that cares about your people outside of work, enabling you to attract and retain high-performing talent.

From Point A to Z

Acquiring a home is just one part of a person’s entire financial journey. As a mortgage brokerage, we saw that one’s career play a huge part in achieving financial milestones.

The Program’s mission is to empower employees get from Point A to Z on their financial journey. In turn we help you create financially equipped staff who are ready to grow with the company.

Financially stressed employees are less engaged at work and are more likely to underperform and take additional time off.


They’re also 2.2x more likely to look elsewhere for a job


agree they would be attracted to another company that cared more about their financial wellbeing

Boost remuneration and salary packages

  • Exclusive financial discounts (up to $4,950 per employee annually)
  • Financial literacy through educational sessions
  • Access to financial tools and network of trusted professionals (financial planners, accountants, solicitors, lawyers, insurance, and real estate agents)
  • Impact at no extra cost through the Home for Home Program

Empowering trusted Australian organisations


Straight from our Partners

Jackie H.

2,800 employees

“BFG is saving us a lot of time. We no longer need to manage multiple providers that have trouble keeping up with our needs. We get excellent support and we’re seeing the positive outcome through increased staff retention.”

Wendy N.

12,500 employees

“We’ve seen engagement rates for external and internal initiatives increase over time because of BFG. They helped us take that much needed step into taking care of our staff’s financial wellbeing without the hassle and without breaking the bank.”

Make your employees feel heard, seen, and cared for


Ensure relevance through tailor-fit content based on preferred channels, staff feedback, demographic, and life stages


Save time, effort, and energy - no need to manually liaise and coordinate with multiple contributors because BFG is a one-stop financial wellbeing provide


Resolve the negative impact of financial stress on staff to create happy, focused & high performing teams

Put your people first and set your organisation apart in this competitive market

Salary and other financial benefits rank amongst the Top 3 reasons young professionals chose to work for an organization today – Deloitte Global 2022 Report

62.5% of companies said they believe employee financial wellbeing is the employer’s responsibility, and the vast majority (98%) stated it’s an area where they’d like to improve engagement – AON 2022 Report


Here to ensure your success

Dedicated Manager

We’re here to be your advocate by regularly listening to your needs and constructive feedback


We’re here to actively guide you so you’re up and running in no time — from setup to rollout and beyond

On-going Support

We’re dedicated to ensuring you have all the support that you need to execute succesfully

Level up your staff's financial wellbeing

Stand out from the crowd with a comprehensive solution. You’re not here to ‘save’ your employees, you’re here to give them the means to thrive!

In a shifting era of hybrid and remote teams, BFG helps you show your employees that you take financial wellbeing seriously.

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